Meet The Team

Steven King SSSLB

Steven King SSSLB - Managing Director

Steve started aged 16 as a drivers mate, delivering bridge beams to build the M25 and is still very hands on day to day. “I enjoy my work as I love a challenge, and boy have we had some challenges, made easier by working with great people and great kit to do a proper job”.


Sarah King GDB

Sarah King GDB - Administration Director

Keeping the Transport Team in check for over 35 years, Sarah started aged 18 driving a 7.5 tonner and today is proud to work with a the fantastic team in the office, an experienced crew of drivers and the hardworking lads in the workshops.


Marie King

Marie King - Company Secretary

As Manager of the accounts and admin department, Marie has responsibility for all financial matters including the Companies Insurances. The accounts ladies work well together to ensure we have happy staff and suppliers.


Jerry Williams POTF

Jerry Williams POTF - Fleet Manager

He only came along to do a week’s YTS and more than 35 years on, Jerry finds himself settled into his position leading a team of experienced mechanics. Maintenance, servicing and repairs are taken care of in our purpose built workshops on site. AKA Sarah’s other ‘alf.


James Hallier INAHC

James Hallier INAHC - General Manager

Recently appointed the role of General Manager! James started as a drivers mate, progressed to driving and now heading up the transport office. Technical issues are James’s forte and he’s a whizz on the computer.


Howard Buffham ARNG

Howard Buffham ARNG - Business Development

Former Royal Engineer, Howard has spent the last 20 years doing a plethora of tasks in the Transport Industry. Including abnormal Loads, specialist projects, machinery removals and developing further business opportunities.


Ian Roberts GMLA-L

Ian Roberts GMLA-L - Transport Planner

After many years in general haulage, Ian has become a valuable member of the team and now holds the title of Transport Manager. Duties including over-seeing the Planning Team and ensuring compliance in all aspects for transport safety throughout the business.


Chris Whittaker - NOH

Chris Whittaker - NOH - Transport Planner

Chris first started with KINGS in 1999 as a Hiab driver. Over the years he has mastered just about every aspect of our haulage services but for many years settled with the job he loved best - HIAB OPERATOR! Chris has always had a 'can do' attitude and has a friendly way with colleagues and customers alike. He has now joined the office team as a Transport Planner and is looking forward to new challenge.


Dan Parsons - IKHSS

Dan Parsons - IKHSS - Transport Planner

Dan is a fast learner and highly motivated! Having put himself through his Class 2 and Class 1 completely independently he has shown his passion to progress in our business. After less than 4 years working with Kings we accepted his application to join us in the office and he's got off to a flying start.


Andrew Fox - AKAF

Andrew Fox - AKAF - Transport Planner

Starting in the Agricultural Contracting Industry, Andrew discovered a passion for planning and problem solving. Next came the position of Operations Supervisor in the UK and European travel sector where he progressed through the ranks. Always keen to meet a challenge, Andrew has joined the Heavy Haulage industry to bring us screaming and kicking into the 21st century!


Tracey Lennox WWNS

Tracey Lennox WWNS - Transport Administration

From customer enquiries to invoicing, Tracey works hard supporting the transport team. She has found her niche, excelling in her role of credit controller – she’ll be on your case if you’re a slow payer………


Tina Frankcom

Tina Frankcom - Accounts administrator

One of our longest serving members of staff, having been with kings for over 20 years. Tina assists with the running of the accounts office – like Marmite, you either love her or hate her, depending on which Accounting task she is undertaking.


Kath Billington

Kath Billington - HR Advisor

Kath has 20 years experience working in HR. Prior to joining Kings she worked in financial services. Kath joined Kings at the beginning of 2022 and enjoys being part of a family business where she has the opportunity to get involved in different projects and loves learning about the complexities of heavy haulage.