Welcome to Kings Heavy Haulage

With almost 50 years in the Transport Industry, you can rest assured that we have the experience and the knowledge to transport your load safely to its destination.

Our specialist team - from our transport planners to our qualified drivers, have the skills and dedication to offer our customers a first class service.

NOT JUST HEAVY HAULAGE, Our fleet of specialist vehicles can transport

  • Wide and long loads
  • Large and small plant and equipment
  • Military vehicles and equipment
  • Containers and generators
  • Dangerous goods
  • Sculptures / Artwork
  • All the weird and wonderful !!

Low Loaders

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Semi Loaders

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Extending Flats, flats and Curtains

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Dangerous / Hazardous Goods

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Express Van Service

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Kings' News

"Kings - They deliver! Problem solved!"

GenCo Logistics Limited

Kings' Latest Tweets

Great picture from Dave Lee This is another level of Heavy Haulage M5 Bridgwater yesterday, Mammoet moving 178t transformer. @MammoetUK https://t.co/Y5NrlOi1JA

11 October, 20:02

We can help you with escort vehicles down in Bristol and around the South West 👍 #escortvehicles https://t.co/sCLQeQ5kpv

9 October, 18:41

Here’s a golden oldie shared on Facebook. Looks like the driver was getting wet feet 💦 https://t.co/TarpRYkMEx

3 October, 19:34

Christmas carols already 😱 https://t.co/VKl3IAIMik

3 October, 14:16

Get your bikinis and budgie smugglers on and hold tight. Here’s a great idea to keep the trucks busy 😝 https://t.co/Ywn2Vhb0NC

3 October, 14:10

@tinkerbellsdust @GrumMoss If you’d like to buy one, just email me please and I’ll get back to you with full details sarah@kingshaulage.co.uk

2 October, 13:27

Did You Know

  • Last year we clocked up over 1 millon miles on the road

  • The first Kings truck was a BRIMEC

  • We have a Section 5 licence

  • We have a waste licence

  • We can offer a tailor made Warehouse facility

  • We work for Airbus

  • We transport wind turbine equipment

  • We are FORS SILVER approved

  • We do site surveys

  • We have level CO Aviation Security

  • We have Security Cleared drivers and escorts

  • 3 staff have worked here for over 30 years

  • 10 staff have worked here for over 10 years

  • We can do a tandem lift with our HIABS

  • We moved all the Bristol Gromits

  • We did the installation at Bristol Aerospace

  • We have a Facebook Page

  • Almost 50 people work here

  • Combined staff experience with Kings is 280 years

  • We can do onsite installation / de installation

  • We do in-house training on site

  • We transport all over Europe and further afield

  • We have our own workshops

  • We can escort abnormal loads

  • We’ve been in business for over 50 years

  • We can carry up to 90 tons

  • We moved Concorde

  • Our longest flatbed can extend to 36 meters

  • We have a Twitter account

  • We are licenced to carry Class 7 Radioactive goods

  • We move military equipment

  • We have our own TV series ‘SUPERTRUCKERS’

  • We have ISO 2001:2015

  • We are moving to Cabot Park in May 2020

  • We run Sprinter vans

  • We hire trucks and trailers

  • We support a charity every month

  • We can transport explosives

  • We sell models of our trucks

  • We sponsor St Mary’s Old Boys RC