Concorde is on the move

5 March 2014

Concorde is on the move

Here in Bristol we are lucky enough to have a real Concorde on display at the old Filton Airfield.
The site is in the process of being developed for housing so Concorde needs to be moved across the airfield in preparation to be housed in a new hanger.
We are helping the team with the move, starting by foam filling the tyres to make it safe to tow. We fitted the first set yesterday and a glorious day it was too
Listed below are 10 interesting CONCORDE FACTS…………………………

Fact One
In total, 20 Concorde’s were built and 14 flew commercially, 7 for France and 7 for Britain
Fact Two
Concorde was developed and built by British and French engineers
Fact Three
Concorde 001 (built in France) made its first test flight on March 2nd 1969. Concorde 002 (built in the UK) first flew on April 9th 1969. The first commercial flights of Concorde took place on January 21st 1976
Fact Four
Concorde flew at an altitude of about 50,000 to 55,500 feet. At this height, it was possible to see the curvature of the Earth as if you were on the edge of space
Fact Five
Concorde travelled at more than twice the speed of sound (mach 2.0 or about 1520 mph)
Fact Six
Concorde recorded its fastest journey from New York to London on January 1st 1983, taking 2 hours 56 minutes
Fact Seven
There was no in-flight entertainment on Concorde, but you got free champagne and posh food on Wedgwood crockery
Fact Eight
Air France flew its final Concorde flight on May 31st 2003 and British Airways on October 24th 2003
Fact Nine
An offer by Richard Branson to purchase the remaining Concorde fleet and fly them for Virgin Atlantic was rejected
Fact Ten
Sadly, Concorde will never fly again

We love getting involves in all sorts of projects, not just road transport. If you have something out of the ordinary to move, we’d love to get involved !!

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